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Howard Foundation Research Ltd. was established in 1985 by Dr Stephen Kreitzman Ph.D, R. Nutr., to promote research into obesity, organise training for pharmacists and medical practitioners and administer all the Lipotrim programmes across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Dr Stephen Kreitzman remains the senior scientist and co-director of the company, working alongside co-director medical educator and research scientist Valerie Beeson.

Dr Stephen Kreitzman Ph.D, R. Nutr. is a nutritional biochemist. After training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, taught nutrition to medical and dental students in the US, researched obesity, body composition and metabolism in both the US and UK. He was also senior research associate at Cambridge University in the UK (retired).

Dr Kreitzman is a UK registered nutritionist and has had his work published in, among others, The Lancet, International Journal of Obesity, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, European Journal of Applied Physiology,  BMJ,  the Royal College of General Practitioners Members’ Reference Book, NAPC Reviews, The Pharmacist,  and Healthcare in the NHS.

Valerie Beeson is a research scientist, widely published in the field of obesity and metabolism. She is a collaborative author with Dr Kreitzman on most of the research and editorials on the safety and efficacy of very low calorie diets (VLCD). Valerie participated  in numerous PGEA programmes on obesity management. As clinical programme director for Lipotrim, she is the primary liaison for practice staff and pharmacists and involved in the organisation of new programmes and ongoing support of all existing programmes.

The Kreitzman and Beeson research has been recognized and commended by the European Experts evaluating the scientific evidence relating to VLCD  for the SCOOP committee.

 “ I want to express my particular thanks to Dr Stephen Kreitzman and Valerie Beeson of Howard Foundation Research Ltd., who undertook a substantial proportion of the original research on which Section III, the 'Recent Scientific Studies' is based. Not only did they make available to us copies of the published work, but also shared with us much of the basic data so that we could convince ourselves that their results, which demonstrated substantial misunderstanding in much published metabolic work, could be thoroughly checked. On the basis of this, we were not only able to confirm the validity of the Kreitzman and Beeson  studies, but from their bibliographies undertake cross checks of the errors or omission in the earlier work.”   

Collection of data on products intended for use in very-low-calorie diets. Reports submitted to the SCOOP working group on very-low calorie diets between 1998 and 2001, consolidated 2001.  

John Marks MA, MD, FRCP, FRCPath, FRCPsych    Life Fellow, Girton College, Cambridge CB3 0JG  and  Jaap Schrijver   . Manager Corporate Regulatory Affairs for foods for particular nutritional uses (PARNUTS) - Royal Numico NV


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