GP Programme

The Lipotrim GP Programme works in the same way as the Pharmacy Programme and may be suitable for you if you are serious about losing weight and your doctor is willing to assist you.

The Programme involves the use of Lipotrim total food replacement foods in place of all your regular meals and weekly visits to your GP to monitor your progress.

Each visit, the surgery will measure your weight, carry out a urine test (to measures ketones to check your compliance and the adequacy of your fluid intake) and give you the support and encouragement you need to stick to the programme. You may also be using the surgery visits to pick up your weekly supply of Lipotrim foods.

You may need to buy your weekly supply of Lipotrim foods from your local pharmacy. Your doctor will need to provide you with an appropriate pre-printed special order.

Once you reach your desired weight or are ready to stop, the surgery will help you switch back to eating normal meals and introduce you to Lipotrim Maintenance products to help you stick to your new weight.

The Lipotrim GP programme is only available from participating GP surgeries. Any doctor can assist with Lipotrim if he/she is willing. Before a GP can assist, however, the surgery must request a medical information pack from us. Unexpected packs usually are discarded. It is up to the doctor whether he/she wishes to help you with Lipotrim. If you doctor agrees to treat you with Lipotrim, we need to be contacted by the doctor on our freephone 0800-413735 indicating the intention to treat you. Alternatively you may want to consider the Lipotrim Pharmacy programme.    Click here to find a participating pharmacy near you.

Whilst any doctor can assist with Lipotrim if he/she is willing, however there are some who, on a private basis( click for list)  will accept patients for Lipotrim who are not registered with the practice.


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