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There are large numbers of overweight or even obese people, who have none of the problem medical conditions that require a doctor to treat their weight problem, who could benefit from fast and reliable weight loss.

The Lipotrim Pharmacy Programmes do not require a medical referral

Lipotrim has teamed up with some independent pharmacists to introduce the Lipotrim programme into the pharmacy environment. Pharmacists are highly trained members of the health care team and provide many medical services for their customers. The participating pharmacists are able to offer the same Lipotrim programme as the GP programme, allowing those without significant medical problems access to fast, reliable weight loss.

The pharmacy programme works the same way as the GP programme.

You need to be overweight and serious about losing it. There are a few medical restrictions so you will need to fill out a medical screening form at the pharmacy.

If you are accepted for the programme, you will have to attend the pharmacy weekly for weight and possible ketone measurements.

There is a short video and written materials are available to assist you on the programme.

This programme is pharmacy based and run by the pharmacist and is not available for over the counter sale or mail order.

It is not legal to fix a price, but the recommended cost is £45 per week for women and £60 for men. This can vary at different pharmacies, so it is recommended that you check with the pharmacy you are interested in attending.




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